Reading Assignments
The Farmer Cares for the Land
– Read the article
– Complete the Cause and Effect Table
– Create a Multi-flow map on the causes and effects of erosion in the Ross Barnett Reservoir area. Write an essay on your findings.
Apply What You Read
– Complete the Simply Sediments activity
Become an Expert – What are the Different Types of Erosion?
– Complete three activities exploring different types of erosion.
Click here to get a copy of the data sheet for these experiments.
– You be the Expert – Complete a Scavenger Hunt on erosion.
How Good Are You?
– Ask your teacher for a copy of the Sedimentation Specialist test.
Teaching Others
– Make sure all of the Sedimentation Specialists in your group can pass the erosion test with a grade of 80% or higher.
– Return to your Expert Team and teach the other members about sedimentation. Make sure they understand what it is, how it happens, and the effects of sedimentation/erosion on water, plants, and animals.
Other Expert Specialists are:
Sedimentation Specialist
Run-off Specialist
Litter and Recreation Specialist
Invasive Species Specialist
Bacteria and Disease Specialist
Pesticide Specialist