Your main job is to learn about invasive species – what are they, why are they a problem, and what can we do about it?
Reading Assignments
– Read the article
– Play the game “Effects of Invasive Species
Apply What You Read
– Read the Mississippi Landmarks article on invasive species in the Ross Barnett Reservoir.
– Play the Rival for Survival game. Get the game board, game cards and instructions from your teacher.
Become an Expert – What is the impact of invasive species?
– Read the article “Invasive Aquatic Plants in the Ross Barnett Reservoir”. This is a scientific article, so read it carefully. Underline or highlight key ideas as you read.
– Make a teaching poster for the 3 main invasive plants in the Ross Barnett Reservoir. Your poster should include:
+ The names of the plants
+ Pictures of each plant (download from the Internet)
+ Basic information on the plants
+ Problems caused by the plants
+ Ways of controlling the plants
How Good Are You?
– Ask your teacher for a copy of the Invasive Species Specialist test.
Teaching Others
– Make sure all of the Invasive Species Specialists in your group can pass the invasive species test with a grade of 80% or higher.
– Return to your Expert Team and teach the other members about invasive species. Make sure they understand what it is, how it happens, and the effects of invasive species on water, plants, and animals.
Other Expert Specialists are:
Sedimentation Specialist
Run-off Specialist
Litter and Recreation Specialist
Invasive Species Specialist
Bacteria and Disease Specialist
Pesticide Specialist