BMP Demonstration Projects

In an proactive effort to reduce non-point source (NPS) pollution within the Ross Barnett Reservoir Watershed, the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality and the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District have teamed up along with other local partners in order to implement a best management practice (BMP) demonstration project that will include practices in and around the Reservoir Watershed. Public Education and Outreach will also be implemented as a major part of our comprehensive plans.

The purpose of this project is to increase the water quality within the Ross Barnett Reservoir Watershed which is primarily impaired due to sediment and nutrients, as a result of urbanization and recreation. Various BMPs and other activities (public education and outreach) will be implemented to insure the greatest water quality benefit. The Ross Barnett Reservoir Watershed (Hydrologic Unit Code 03160103) is located in central Mississippi and includes Rankin and Madison Counties. This project is funded partly through U.S. Environmental Protection Agency FY2011 Nonpoint Source Grant (#C9994866-11-0) which supplies 60% of total program funds with the remaining 40% of expenditures to be supplied as a State/local match.